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On Sundays, Hill City Church sets up their banner in the Gettys Center for people to see that they are in the right place.

On Sundays, Hill City Church sets up their banner for people to see that they are in the right place.

We have really benefited from being a part of a close community here in Rock Hill. The mission statement for our church is “Pursuing the Good, True, and Beautiful of Jesus for the flourishing of Rock Hill”. Last night in a membership class we talked about that mission statement and what our thoughts were about it. I said that I had never known of a church’s mission statement that included the word “beautiful” in it

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Some thoughts as we approach our 2014 Forum – Dazzle Gradually

Pontius Pilate presents the Christ.

Pontius Pilate presents the Christ.

Life seems to be a delicate balance between what we do and do not know—dialogues occur, rebounding between those two territories. Pride is carried like a hidden king, sometimes wielded like a two-edged sword or a self-deprecating whisper.

Like Pontius Pilate I ask, “What is Truth?” If it is universal and impersonal, then Truth is an avalanche, treating everything in it’s path the same. If it is merely personal—subject to the whims of each human on this planet—then Truth is still an avalanche; only it is a series of miniature ones constantly crashing into one another in a chaotic cacophony. If Truth is the former, nothing is personal and mercy is only a word and not a reality. If Truth is the latter everything is personal and justice is merely a word and not a reality. If it remains one or the other in our cultural heart, then pharmaceutical companies will continue to make money from psychotropic drugs as people look for ways to blunt the harshness of Truth’s split.

But True Truth is neither one, nor the other—and medicating it only delays the reckoning.

It seems contradictory for True Truth to be both transcendental and personal, but it is not. The only way for such magnificent values like Goodness, Beauty and Truth to carry their weight at such lofty and base levels is for both to be true.

Tell all the truth but tell it slant,
Success in circuit lies,
Too bright for our infirm delight
The truth’s superb surprise; 

As lightning to the children eased
With explanation kind,
The truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind.

“Tell all the truth” by Emily Dickinson


Kirk & Sarah

1 year…



The passion of a lover’s embrace,

brush of lips,

tingling skin.


The flash of light after a punch

in the nose,

iron in the throat.


A coat draped over shoulders

on a cold day,

a burst of warmth.


The quenched sigh after a thirsty glass

of water,

a moment of peace.


The scald sending a wet line down the cheek,

salt in the mouth,

the ear drum torn at the sound of despair.


The body’s slow receding to room temperature.

“There’s a warm spot here Stacey!”

the “goodbye” until the dead rise again.


E.G. Frank


Where we now work…


I thought it would be cool to send you all a series of photos to give you an idea of where we now work. Our environment is wonderfully unique and visually beautiful. We are looking forward to connecting with people, instigating events, and seeing people have a chance to see the transcendent and personal God of the universe from these humble digs. Enjoy!

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A reflection on 6 years in Orlando

Kirk & Sarah

Kirk & Sarah – our last pic in front of 2220.

“You know this was our first house together?”

I was standing on the stairs carrying one of the last of our items down to the moving truck when Sarah said this to me. Today, we are three days shy of our sixth anniversary – when I moved in to Sarah’s two story condominium in Central Florida…our first place together. At the time we thought we were only going to be there for a few months, convinced that God wanted us in New York City. Six years later, I sit in an old court house in downtown Rock Hill, South Carolina with Sarah—about to dive into leading an arts organization.

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