Poem – a way to name and remember

I‘ve been reading a book called An Unexpected Light by a friend, Dave Mahan. It’s about poetry’s ability to recall, challenge and change things—specifically in the Christian concept of ‘witness’. I came across this quote where Dave is summarizing the thoughts of theologian Paul Riceour:

poetic discourse’s advantage…is its capacity to ‘redescribe reality'[1]”.

The Philosophy of Paul Riceour
I like that. This echoes another quote I have heard attributed to poet Robert Frost—”Poetry is a way to remember what we would be impoverished to forget”. Poetry does that for me, and I think it does that for the average human being—helps us communicate differently in order to grow in understanding.

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1 year…



The passion of a lover’s embrace,

brush of lips,

tingling skin.


The flash of light after a punch

in the nose,

iron in the throat.


A coat draped over shoulders

on a cold day,

a burst of warmth.


The quenched sigh after a thirsty glass

of water,

a moment of peace.


The scald sending a wet line down the cheek,

salt in the mouth,

the ear drum torn at the sound of despair.


The body’s slow receding to room temperature.

“There’s a warm spot here Stacey!”

the “goodbye” until the dead rise again.


E.G. Frank


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