Micheal and us.

Micheal O'Siadhail Complete poems cover

The cover of Micheal O’Siadhail’s book Complete Poems. The Portrait is by Irish artist, Mick O’Dea.

He had heard of the word “selfie” but had never taken one. In his way, he stated this question, “I suppose it’s a photograph you take of yourself?” Moments later Sarah and I took a “selfie” with Irish poet, Micheal O’Siadhail. His very first.

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1 year…



The passion of a lover’s embrace,

brush of lips,

tingling skin.


The flash of light after a punch

in the nose,

iron in the throat.


A coat draped over shoulders

on a cold day,

a burst of warmth.


The quenched sigh after a thirsty glass

of water,

a moment of peace.


The scald sending a wet line down the cheek,

salt in the mouth,

the ear drum torn at the sound of despair.


The body’s slow receding to room temperature.

“There’s a warm spot here Stacey!”

the “goodbye” until the dead rise again.


E.G. Frank


A reflection on 6 years in Orlando

Kirk & Sarah

Kirk & Sarah – our last pic in front of 2220.

“You know this was our first house together?”

I was standing on the stairs carrying one of the last of our items down to the moving truck when Sarah said this to me. Today, we are three days shy of our sixth anniversary – when I moved in to Sarah’s two story condominium in Central Florida…our first place together. At the time we thought we were only going to be there for a few months, convinced that God wanted us in New York City. Six years later, I sit in an old court house in downtown Rock Hill, South Carolina with Sarah—about to dive into leading an arts organization.

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The first one without…

Reading the Susquehanna Covered Bridge historical marker

Reading the Susquehanna Covered Bridge historical marker together

Today is Father’s Day. The first one I will spend without my earthly father. No call today to hear that deep solemn yet cheerful voice and to find out the latest ins and outs of his life. Instead I will call my mother, brother, and sister and remember.

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The immanence and transcendence of food and relationship

This is an essay based on an introductory talk Kirk gave at A Place at the Table: Creativity in Food and Togetherness on January 18th 2013. This has been edited from the audio version (which will be made available as soon as it has been properly prepared for posting).

Postcards and pins on registration table

I remember in the days following 9/11 when I lived in Manhattan there was a desire to seek out some level of personal and communal healing. The arts group I was a part of sought that out in Tribeca—a half a dozen blocks from Ground Zero. We began to meet weekly in a bakery behind Robert De Niro’s “Tribeca Grill” called the “Tribakery”—we named our group “The Tribakery Group” in honor of that place. We met there for many reasons. One, was for communal healing through friendship and conversation. Two, was to stir our creative juices together as artists, and three we wanted to bring our meager “art income” earnings down to one of the neighborhoods hit hard economically after the attack. That being said, the unstated but very evident reason we met at Tribakery was the great baked goods and variety of strong coffees that we would consume every week. We knew the food and drink would be good because they resourced Mr. De Niro’s grill right next door. I was never disappointed…they had great coffee and croissants. These seemingly minor starches and hot liquids sped our healing, enhanced the creative juices, and satisfied the investment of our monies.

This same group influenced a few visiting college students who later started the Friday Arts Project (FAP) at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

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