A Day in the Life | mural

Tetraptych, Acrylic on panel (poly-metal® board)
Large Panels: H 98.25” x W 46”; Small Panels: H 30” x W 49.75”

About the Mural:
A Day in the Life was installed June 2012 at Hands & Hearts Learning Center in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Preliminary research was conducted to help find out what kind of imagery the school and community at large would resonate with. The most significant impression that came from those interactions was that children were most important because they embody hope for the future. What better way to show this than by creating silhouettes of a few of the children who actually attend the Hands & Hearts school and live in the neighborhood?

The mural compositions and various elements within them represent positive expectations for the future. With a foundation that learning can provide, children are better equipped to succeed and to help the community to thrive. A good education can enable a child to live out the dreams they dare to dream. From the morning (or beginning), to the afternoon, evening and nighttime (these represent milestones that prepare a child for life), learning is a process that expands a child’s understanding and continues to help them grow—body, mind and soul.

Concepted by Sarah Kennedy Irwin, Mark Pate & Norah Springer

Designed by Sarah Kennedy Irwin

Installed by Molly Barnes, Meg Becker, Daniel Du, Leigh Ann Dull, Andrew Enders, Anaelle Enders, Reese Enders, Izzy Enders, Patrice Enders, Steel Enders, Lauren Heneghan, Anthony Hou, Kirk Irwin, Sarah Kennedy Irwin, KerryLyn Kercher, Christine Longoria, Elizabeth Losh, Cat Mailloux, Vincent Nhan, Emily Owoc, Bethanie Pack, Mark Pate, Cherylin Pauly, Holly Sargent, Christina Scheppmann, Emily Ann Simpson, Gina Spadorcio, Norah Springer, Amy Teinert, Chailey Young, along with kids from Hands & Hearts Learning Center

Documentary video by Cherylin Pauly & Emily Ann Simpson


Mural Painting Photos

click on one of the photos below to see pics of the mural painting experience!

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