Deep Roots | Mural

dimensions: 18’5” x 6’8”

Designed by Sarah Kennedy Irwin, 2011
Installed by Ziad Bitar, Faith Brown, Megan Byron, Katelyn Creech, Lauren Grant, Amber Hoadley, Sharon Holck, Norah Houtz, Adrianna Jones, Kelsey Jones, Kristie Koll, Sarah Kennedy Irwin, Naomi Kuo, Amy Lai, Garrett Marks, Lisa Puckey, Lydia Renfro, Michelle Rhodes, Colby Stinebaugh
Stop motion video by Amber Hoadley, Naomi Kuo, Amy Lai

The image of Roots running throughout the city represents ministry connections. Drawing us into the image is a lighter blue—as if you are looking up through manholes from underneath the city. Bright yellow creates a vibrant contrast that symbolizes the life and light of the gospel going out.

Deep Roots | stop motion video

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