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In the Pulpit…

In August 2017 our pastor at Hill City Church (HCC) was called to another church. In response to the need for consistent preaching four leaders—including Kirk—stepped in to fill the gap and began to rotate sharing HCC’s pulpit. Last Fall the preaching centered on the story of Joseph in Genesis, and this past winter and through this summer the book of Acts has been the subject.

Kirk preaching at Hill City Church on July 29

What’s been great is that we realized HCC had a dearth of teachers who could now utilize those gifts. So about once a month Kirk has been able to preach on Sunday’s. The years of ministry experience combined with his angle regarding culture as he has worked in the arts has really drawn out his communication of God’s Word. He is enjoying it, and has gotten better with each sermon.

We are not only called to impact the Art world in our work but we have also been called to serve the Church in advocacy for the arts and the importance of cultural Gospel impact. Having Kirk serve HCC in this way has been a great avenue for the latter to happen. In fact, in Kirk’s recent sermon, one of his points was about the problem of boredom in our spiritual walk. A young parishoner (pictured above) commented to his mom, “I just right now understood the concept of Satan using ourselves to destory oursleves.”   

We have also been recording his sermons and are posting them on our website. You can find them here. Thanks for helping us be in a place to serve the Church and the Art world at the same time. The Gospel’s breadth and depth can not only impact individuals, but also the culture in which people live and breath.

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For our preparations for the gallery show in August—that God would help us serve and use the space we create for His glory.

That God would work in the hearts of the artists & students that we continue to interact with and that He would bear fruit in their lives.

For our house-painting efforts just getting underway—safety and time to do it would be our biggest requests.

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