March 2019 | The Birth of an Arts Festival

Mar 12, 2019 | NEWS 2019, NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE

Any chance y’all could meet me at our house around 5 tomorrow afternoon?…

This was an invitation we received back in 2016 by one of the more established artists in Rock Hill. In this auspicious meeting, she asked us about transforming her small annual Art Sales event she had held for years in her apartment to something bigger for the broader art community—and that day Art Party—an arts festival—in Rock Hill was born.

Kirk at the Art Party Information Desk during Art Party 2018

Last November was our third year organizing this event, and we saw some great things happen. Through Art Party, we serve the Rock Hill Arts community—and cultivate better relationships with our neighbors. In doing this, we increase our connections with people and better position ourselves to bring the Gospel message and its values into their lives. Something we think of as “faithful presence”.

“If, indeed, there is a hope…for human flourishing in the contemporary world, it begins when the Word of shalom becomes flesh in us and is enacted through us toward those with whom we live…When the Word of all flourishing—defined by the love of Christ—becomes flesh in us, in our relations with others, within the tasks we are given, and within our spheres of influence…the word we speak to each other and to the world becomes authentic and trustworthy. This is the heart of the theology of faithful presence.” —James Davison Hunter, from To Change the World

We have seen more businesses join in, more artists participate, and our reach in Rock Hill and beyond increase by hosting Art Party. Some of those people have begun to join us in some of our other events—increasing our contact and deepening our relationships with them.

“Thank you again, Friday Arts Project Team, for making a simple studio visiting event into a Real Arts Festival!! I love you all.” Harriet [Goode]—the established artist who invited us in.

Pray, as we pray about our events and the friends that attend: “Lord, help us to be a part of one of our neighbors taking their next step towards you, and may they meet Jesus at the end of that journey.”

Please Pray

For our artists and the artifacts they create.

That God would work in the hearts of the artists & students that we continue to interact with and that He would bear fruit in their lives.

For safe travel. We plan to do some traveling this summer for ministry and financial support.

For our personal financial support.


How close are we to being fully-funded?


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