A Place at the Table

A Place at the Table—a Friday Arts Project forum in January 2013.

Creativity in food & togetherness

believe food, in context, is a powerful vehicle to reveal the True and Beautiful…which is why it is a Good in itself. In Ecclesiastes it is written, ‘A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry’.

The message of Jesus of Nazareth, the gospel, changes lives. But sometimes it’s hard to communicate the characteristics of this message to a society that has forgotten what those characteristics mean. This makes it important to not only be ready to share the complete gospel, but also the broad and deep meaning of the gospel’s values—it’s Good, True, and Beautiful values.

I felt the Bible a lot this weekend.”

—Dan “the Pig Man” Huntley

Entrepreneur, Bar-B-Q afficianado & poet. Dan was a speaker and chef during this event.

Jesus broke bread, and poured wine in that last night before he was crucified; a reflection of that event is celebrated every Sunday in the Church at the Communion table. Approaching the table is a visible and physical manifestation of a spiritual reality (the gospel)—a good, true, and beautiful reality.

The forum, A Place at the Table: Creativity in Food and Togetherness was conducted to explore the goodness of such a simple event as eating and conversing together. Both of us were excited to participate in this conference as a part of Friday Arts Project*, the organization we will be joining in Rock Hill, South Carolina, later this year. Sarah did design work, and Kirk helped with event programming. With about 100 people in attendance, we listened to esteemed speakers such as Molly O’Neil (former NY Times food columnist) and Peter Reinhart (Chef and bread baker at Johnson and Wales University). We delved into the deeper questions of what a simple meal and conversation means. It’s more than giving “fuel” to your body via proteins and carbohydrates; it’s more than fighting loneliness by making a friend. Wendell Berry in his essay “The Pleasure of Eating” put it like this:

Eating with the fullest pleasure…is perhaps the profoundest enactment of our connection with the world. In this pleasure we experience and celebrate our dependence and our gratitude, for we are living from mystery, from creatures we did not make and powers we cannot comprehend.”

We of course know what the source of this “mysterious power” is, and He was working all weekend. On the final night one of our FAP members was approached by a couple who had attended all weekend. They were impressed that people who considered themselves Christians could pull off such an incredible event. In fact they wished to attend the church that many of the staff involved in the Forum went to. Apparently the husband said, “You may have persuaded me away from my agnosticism.” The following Sunday they came to church with their three daughters. We are hoping they will continue to attend the church by the time we move up there later this year.

Travel Plans

PA we’re coming your way!

  • From April 27–May 5 we will be in western PA (i.e. Harrisville, Pittsburgh & Raccoon Township area). 

Grateful for your prayers & support!


Sarah and Kirk






* For more information about Friday Arts Project, visit their Facebook page: Friday Arts Project


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