table-scape prep for the seminar

Rachael Crabb (wife of Larry Crabb) spoke at our church during a day-long seminar for women. Besides being an excellent speaker, Rachael has written a book on hospitality*, is a contributing author to several motivational books and articles, and is currently working with two other women to complete a book entitled Listen In: A Candid Conversation on Faith and Femininity. We were able to invite Rachael to speak when a good friend of hers (a member of our church) found out she was speaking at a nearby retreat center.

Entitled “Conversations that Matter”, the seminar was about the power of words. Rachael divided words into two categories—death words and life words. She explained, “Death words focus on Faults. Life words focus on Christ. Death words take away our free will. Life words honor our free will and invite others to Christ. Death words force change. Life words give people the vision to change.”

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.”

—Proverbs 18:21

It was such great content. Rachael really opened the scriptures and even a few old wounds in the process—that in the company of trusted friends we were able to help begin to heal.

My best friend Audrey and I were given the task of “ambiance” for this event. This included the program, name-tags, signage and other printable & digital materials that were needed. When we were told about the theme, we discussed two chairs turned toward each other symbolizing people really talking to one another. We hoped to create an atmosphere where women would feel special and comfortable during the event. Although we had people traveling from around the US to attend, we were operating on a shoe-string budget! God provided in many ways. The Habitat for Humanity Restore sold us our back-drop panels for half off their price. Audrey and I spent hours figuring out the best way to decorate them.

All the effort and hours paid off. As one conference attendee commented: “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but God really wanted to do a work in my heart today. I attend this church, but was powerfully touched by this unique event.” The seminar coordinator, Rosanne, said, “From table decorations to the backdrop for the speaker, Sarah crafted a setting of quiet beauty that invited participants to linger and enjoy rich fellowship.”

Check below for more photos of the event.

Please pray:

  • that we would close on a house soon.
  • that we would find an accountant who would help with the financial details involved in running a non-profit arts organization.
  • for concentrated time with our volunteers to help work through the Mission and Values of Friday Arts Project.


  • praises that Kirk has secured some funding through a city grant for a local summer ministry project.


 Sarah and Kirk


*The Personal Touch: Encouraging Others Through Hospitality by NewWay Ministries


Conversations that Matter Seminar