Angry Birds, Paper Toss, Facebook, Evernote…mobile apps have become integrated into our daily life. In the space of about 2-3 days, Sarah designed the branding, home screen and several other secondary screens to carry the content for an amazing new free ministry app!

“Cru High School Playbook” is the app for students and adults who want to reach their local high school campus for Christ. Videos, practical training resources, first steps in relating to students, and leading out in evangelism are just some helps to be found.

“Most of my ministry coaching takes place as I’m inbetween appointments for my children and driving around town. I love the ability to have resources at my fingertips that I can share in seconds. The training videos and content help me become more effective at equipping others and are just a tap away anytime, and virtually anywhere. Plus, young people love using technology to be more effective in ministry.”

—Kristie Wiedle (Cru staff & wife of Greg Wiedle, design director of the Lab—my design team at HQ)


Visit the iTunes Store or Android Marketplace and search “Cru Playbook” for a free download. Share this with someone you know; the Cru Coaching Center is here to help and is just a phone call — or tap — away!


Sarah and Kirk




download: August 2013 | Cru Playbook App