Hey all,

I know, I know it’s been a while since we last updated you all. So much has happened that it would be impossible to catch up.

Sarah and I have been in NYC for over a week prepping with the staff for the arrival of the students for the Arts Summer Project for 2008. It is quite exciting as we have close to 30 students joining us this summer, almost double from last summer.

I’ve already collected a lot to put on the blog so you may see a an increase in postings here at birdandkey. Let me satiate your desires a little with a post on our web site http://www.birdandkey.com. We have put on our site my first ever sermon at Lamar Baptist Church in Beaumont, Texas, just east of Houston. Give it a listen, as I talked about the arts and the church. It was quite fun.

See you soon,
Kirk…and Sarah