January 2020 | Count Your Blessings, Part 1

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We want to try something different for the next few newsletters. Since we haven’t written in a while we want to give you some review of highlights from last year and something happening right now. It is our way of catching you up and helping us count our blessings. Ready?

from top: Studio-warming; Winthrop Student Retreat; Fund-raiser. See more photos: www.fridayartsproject.org/photo-albums/

January & February 2019 We occupied our new studio space in the Gettys Art Center in downtown Rock Hill. After settling in we had a “Studio Warming Party” in February; about 50 of our friends/guests showed up. The Friday Arts Project Studio has expanded and deepened our impact on the arts community here. It has truly been a God-send.

March 2019 Our student group at Winthrop University had its first student retreat after being officially recognized as a student organization. Ten students joined some of our staff to hang out, cultivate community and creativity to explore what it means to be truly human.

April 2019 We had our first official fund-raiser for Friday Arts Project. Due to the generosity of many artists and friends we raised enough funds to pay for studio rent and utilities for a year. It was humbling to see the number of people we have impacted over the last 6 years.


January 2020 After a year occupying our new studio space, we have seen wonderful growth happen. Not only have we hosted essential planning meetings for various events and activities, but we have also used the space to work on important materials. In particular, for years we have met in various homes to make sketchbooks that we give away to incoming freshman during the annual Convocation at Winthrop University. This limited our ability to invite volunteers more broadly (harder to do in private homes).

Friday Arts Project (in the red shirts) giving away handmade sketchbooks at Winthrop University’s Convocation Event in August 2019

Having a studio space removed that obstacle and allowed us to use the Friday Arts Project Studio space, resulting in many new friends and new volunteers. Having the studio has also helped us connect with our neighbors in the other art studios in our building and in the downtown area. They see we are here and serious about the arts and willing to invite them to be a part of what we do. Pray for us as we get to know the new friends and continue to get to know our studio neighbors. We wish for them to see our love for the arts and their creativity, but also our love of Jesus of Nazareth—just as much and more.

Thank you, friends. Remember you are helping us not only join them in their creativity, but also helping us be, live, act, and speak as our Lord would to them in these moments.

Please Pray

That God would use us to help someone in our community take the next step toward Him.

More staff and volunteers to assist our growing work.

For our personal financial support.


How close are we to being fully-funded?


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