Kirk & Sarah standing in front of an incredible Florida Live Oak.

NYC Update:

These days Sarah and I often go for walks together. During these walks we get into the habit of not only talking to each other but to God. On the day after May 31st—our NYC fund deadline—Sarah prayed an interesting prayer. She prayed that we were trusting that God didn’t want us to minister in NYC, since the funds we were asking for did not come in. But, she added that if we were hearing wrong or at some point God did want us in NYC, that He would make it abundantly clear to us. I was humbled by the faith of that prayer.

We are not going to be ministering from NYC—but from either Orlando or somewhere else. However, we are not so arrogant as to think we have cornered God in our pilgrimage to presume He wouldn’t possibly change that at some point in the future. We will await Him wherever He takes us—for now that is not NYC.

We want to thank you all for praying with us and ask that you continue to pray, particularly for wisdom in our next decision—from where He would want us to minister. We will make this decision by November 6th (more info will will be forthcoming).

What will it look like?

From whatever location God has us do our arts ministry, geography will not affect how we do it. Locally, we will still mentor and disciple artists who love Jesus—both collegiate and professional. We will do this by continuing to convene Bible studies or discussion groups. etc. from our home, or wherever is convenient. We will also attempt to cultivate events like art shows, concerts, lectures, etc. that will create space for people to enter into significant conversations where opportunities for the Gospel and its values will be shared.

On a larger scale we will work with the Transform staff throughout the US. One of our colleagues will be living in Kansas City and we will work alongside her in leading Transform—an arts ministry within Cru that Kirk helped to start. We will also work with the seven interns that will be living in NYC to help them grow in their ability to communicate their faith through their lives, words, and art.



Sarah Kennedy Irwin

Kirk Irwin

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