A New Perch

after years of preparation, prayer and counsel we have decided to open the next chapter of our ministry in a small town in South Carolina called Rock Hill (about 30 minutes south of Charlotte, North Carolina). Determining where we were to go after Kirk finished seminary has been filled with spiritual and emotional challenges. Thank you for walking through this process with us!

As to our calling, it hasn’t been a decision of WHAT we are to do but WHERE we are to do it. As we prayed, we vacillated between Orlando and Rock Hill, but through clear direction we sensed God guiding us to South Carolina.

Why Rock Hill?























We anticipate God doing some amazing things in and through us from this unique southern town. But we have two requests. First, please pray for our transition and establishment in this new community. We expect new challenges and opportunities and we want to be wise about how we proceed.

Second, we want to ask you to give a gift toward our transition as you consider your giving this season. We need about $2000 to take care of moving costs to Rock Hill (we’re planning to move by May 1st), any gift you can extend to us will go toward moving. But there is one other area that has continued to affect us financially.

As you may remember earlier this year both of us were hit with unexpected medical issues that required out-patient surgery. In order to help cover these hospital costs, we need about $4500. Any gift you can render would be very appreciated.

Whatever you decide to do, we are grateful for your prayers and giving. (If you’d like to contribute financially, there are 3 ways to give.)

you all have been a significant part of this process. We are very excited about this move because of all the ways we can exercise our gifting and see a greater impact of the Gospel on this world through the arts.


Sarah and Kirk

Stephen says



download: November 2012| A New Perch for Bird and Key