Bridges in a Box - resource for ministry to international students.

Bridges in a Box – resource for ministry to international students.

More than 1 million international students and scholars are now present on North American campuses. Some need help with their English, others need assistance in adapting to life abroad, and many are lonely and looking for friends. Most are curious to know more about Christianity, especially about Jesus of Nazareth.

Bridges International, a ministry of Cru, reaches out to these students. Thousands of volunteers are needed to reach out to students from nations like China, India, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. As a result, they created a set of resources packaged in a beautiful compact box that Sarah was primary illustrator and designer. Bridges in a Box contains a mini-handbook which casts vision and gives guidance for the first steps in meeting the needs of international students. Also inside is the JESUS Film DVD in 16 of the world’s most commonly used languages. A flash drive contains a short documentary of a Korean student, some short films to use in creating dialogue with internationals, and a set of top 10 resources for ministry. A second DVD contains a dramatic presentation of God’s plan for redemption that can serve as a basis for investigative Bible studies.

We are excited about this project! Sarah was privileged to help with the development, graphic design and illustrations included in Bridges in a Box. Pray that God uses this ‘cultural artifact” to motivate others to genuinely engage international students and perhaps even introduce them to the Carpenter from Nazareth.

please pray:

  • for the effectiveness of Bridges in a Box to draw people to Jesus
  • for successful home purchasing negotiations.
  • that our support would be multiplied.
  • for a smooth transition into our new job responsibilities.


  • We’ve safely arrived in Rock Hill, SC, but aren’t quite settled yet. Currently living with generous friends (thank you Olsons), we are still negotiating for a house that would be a great asset for doing ministry out of.
  • Kirk’s eye has remained stable. Last check-up with his glaucoma specialist was positive.


Sarah and Kirk




download: October 2013 | Bridges in a Box