Anika and Sabina (Bean) Byers patiently waiting for their pin curls to dry.

Anika and Sabina (Bean) Byers patiently waiting for their pin curls to dry. See more pin curl across america.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

—Proverbs 16:9

Everyone plans, even the most free-spirited person. And with plans come adjustments, redirects, and even starting over. We had a good summer—even with the adjustments we had to make to our plans.

First, it started with a delay. As you all know, Kirk recently developed Neo Vascular Glaucoma in his left eye as a result of a childhood illness. Several days before we were to leave for Colorado, one of the doctor’s visits revealed the need for possible surgery. But to determine that we needed to see Kirk’s original glaucoma specialist. This pushed our departure back. The day after we saw Dr. Shuster we left for Colorado assured that Kirk did not need surgery at this time.

We found a “gift” in the middle. On our way out west to the Cru Staff Conference we stayed with our friends Brian and Daniela Byers and their kid—EJ, Anika, and “Bean” (Sabina). They were incredibly gracious and generous hosts as we spent about five days out there. They hosted a vision event for us to share our ministry with their friends, introduced us to their pastor and spent time just ‘hanging’ with us. Getting to know them even better than we already do was truly a gift.

In the end there was a change. We had originally planned to return to Orlando via a stop off in New York City for a ministry opportunity. In order for that to happen we needed extra funds to make the trip, but as Proverbs says “God established steps”. Since only about half of what we needed for the summer came in, we changed our plans. We are sad we didn’t get to New York City, but we know trips to the Big Apple are still a part of our future in this ministry.

please pray:

  • for the many details of our move to Rock Hill, SC.
  • that our support would be multiplied.
  • that Kirk’s eye would remain stable.

Summer Funding update: With the change to our itinerary (in not going to New York) our expenses for the summer were reduced to $6600. God provided $3200 of that need.

Thanks to all who gave and prayed we are grateful, and like you completely dependent on a personal and transcendent God.


Sarah and Kirk




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