September 2017 | Convocation at Winthrop University

Sep 12, 2017 | NEWS 2017, NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE

For the last three years we have had a table for Friday Arts Project at Winthrop University’s Convocation. This is the opening day for students—both new and returning—for the Fall semester. Convocation is an opportunity for student organizations to market themselves, as well as off-campus organizations, like us. When Friday Arts Project began—as a student organization—back in 2006, they participated in this event for several years until many of the leaders graduated.
Last year a student named Abigayle found our table, took a survey, received a sketch book, and began connecting with our events on and off campus. Throughout the year she grew in her relationship with God, and grew to become a leader for FriArts on campus. This year she returned to “work” our table, talk to students, and hand out surveys and sketch books. In the course of the few hours our table was open, she snapped a photo and posted this line on Facebook, “…this organization has changed my life.”
Within an hour of seeing that online, a former WU student (who was involved 9 years ago with FriArts)—now graduated, married, a father, and living and working in Rock Hill—posted an old photo and a statement about his experiences.
Having those two things shared within hours of each other on a day when we were reaching out to students—offering the Beauty of the Gospel—made our hearts soar! Be encouraged that your prayers and support affect lives. We are trusting God to impact more Abigayles and Jays this year and for many years to come.

Friday Arts Project on FB

* For more information about Friday Arts Project, visit their Facebook page.