AUG 2017 | THE WORLD—in Rock Hill, SC

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FOOT MACHINE – Art Exhibit

THE WORLD—in Rock Hill, SC.

This past July the city of Rock Hill, South Carolina had the privilege of hosting the BMX  World Championship Races. You would never know it, but in Rock Hill there is an Olympic level “Bicycle Motocross” track. If you talked with anyone in those competitive circles they’ll know about our little town. You can imagine the preparations for the possible 40,000 people – racers, family and friends – that were to occupy Rock Hill for the week of activities.

We, as Friday Arts Project, also prepped. Since January, we arranged all our “drawing nite” content around the theme of bicycle culture. The artists who attended, painted and drew bikes and bike “stuff” and settings. In early July we gathered the best of those art pieces (Sarah had five) arranged them in a show called “Foot Machine” and had our opening night reception during the opening ceremonies for the BMX World Championship in downtown Rock Hill. About 50-75 people attended the reception, some from far away and several city officials. It was a wonderful time.

Later in the week, Sarah and I attended a special open house for invited business and organizational leaders at the BMX track in the first few days of racing. We were able to reconnect with some of the city leaders and take in the unique culture of BMX.

These times have continued to build our presence here in Rock Hill—making way for more participation and ways to connect with people. Building integrity is important for the Gospel to be heard. The saying attributed to Teddy Roosevelt applies here, “People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.” We care about Rock Hill and the Art world, we hope we showed a little of that throughout these special efforts during the BMX World Championships here in Rock Hill, SC.


Please pray:

  • For our personal financial support. Pray for favor and many new supporters.

  • Pray that God may provide a new car for us this Fall as our current one is showing its age.

  • For our spiritual health—that our marriage and relationship with God will continue to grow.
  • Kirk will be put forward in our church’s presbytery to be ordained as an “evangelist”. This will be a great relational builder for our local churches. Pray for favor as he tackles the necessary tests to get the approval.
  • In order to increase her ability to minister to artists Sarah is trying to increase her art production—painting. 
  • Pray for the new body of work that she is in the midst of planning.



  • Our condo in Florida has sold—Praise Jesus! Thank you for your prayers. It is so nice to have one less thing to occupy our thoughts in this very busy season of life.









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