Hey Friends,

We have had a wonderful week in Florida as Sarah’s older sister, Rebecca and her daughter, Mia came to visit us. We get to see them none too often as they live in the panhandle of Texas in Lubbock. Rebecca is a Microbiology teacher at a local college in Lubbock, and Mia is a growing teen who is quite talented in music and dance (ballet is her specialty). We are very fond of them and are thrilled they are here.

Rebecca’s husband, Wronsky, is a professor at Texas Tech in Spanish literature and takes a group of students each summer down to Mexico, where he is from, for language and history studies. He left last week so Rebecca decided to come see us to start their and our summer off. Both she and Mia have not been here to Florida to see Sarah in close to 10 years.

We spent a few days at Disney with them enjoying the short lines and beautiful details in the design of the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Sarah and Mia rode the “Mount Everest” ride four times yesterday while Rebecca and I could only stomach once…I don’t have the same constitution as my wife when it comes to roller coasters…she’s a bandit for roller coasters. We are sad to say they leave tomorrow, but we hope to see them again over the holidays.

I start classes next week, I will do five intense days from 8:30AM to 3:30PM for a class on apologetics. Pray that I remain alert and receptive to the content. I came across this Van Till quote in one of the books I am reading for the class. This book by Thom Notaro called Van Til and the use of Evidence is a summary of what my thinking has been regarding apologetics and defending Christianity to non-Christians for the last 10 to 15 years. I am looking forward to the class. “Ideally ‘…what is meant by knowing God in Scripture is knowing and loving God,’ says Van Til; ‘this is true knowledge of God; the other is false.'”

Thanks for all your interest, prayers and support of what we are trusting God for…

Kirk and Sarah