I recently came across this exhibition of a friend (click HERE for the website) whom I got to know through my work with the International Arts Movement. Jerry was a fellow board member with Mako Fujimura on the National Endowment for the Arts. In fact I would say Jerry was the one Mako became the closest with (outside the chairman, Dana Gioia) over his years of service. Jerry and his wife Gloria have both been involved in the arts for a very long time. His art has not only a wonderful straightforward quality, one that connects with children, but also a depth that makes you notice that good art is being made here. Added to his desire to produce beautiful things, is a desire also to see more good done as a result of his work; an admirable drive.

So, if you find yourself in western Massachusetts near Stockbridge it might be worth a visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Kirk & Sarah

Jerry Pinkney’s exhibtion link to Rockwell Museum