April 2016 | Our Team Expands!

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Meet the Foxes

A wish that became real…Even before we moved here to the Rock Hill SC-Charlotte Metro area we had visions of seeing our team of people working in the arts expand. This is natural to think about, because as your work expands your need for people grows as well. However, being a bit realistic about these things we thought this would be years down the road—if it would ever happen—a mere wish or dream.

Our friends, Chris & Brandi Fox had been working on raising funds to join staff with Cru. We kept in touch with them through a Friday morning discussion group and continued to encourage them in their endeavor. Their assignment was to have been with a Campus ministry in another part of the region. As things began to slow with their fund-raising, they began to re-evaluate where exactly their calling to minster would be.

Brandi had been one of the early leaders of Friday Arts Project when it was still a student-led group at Winthrop University. Even in the face of not reaching their full financial support, she and Chris continued to feel drawn to minister to student artists. At this point, the option of joining with us—as part-time staff—became a possibility.

We, along with the FriArts leaders, had wanted to find a way to re-connect with the Winthrop University arts community but seemed limited in our time and resources. Enter, Chris and Brandi. Because of our flexibility as an organization, the idea of the Foxes doing part-time work—focused mainly at Winthrop U—became a reality. So  now our team has doubled in the last month.

Beginning this Fall, Chris and Brandi will be ministering part-time at Winthrop University. Until then we will be preparing together as a team for that time. Pray for the Foxes and for us as we explore this new dimension in our work. In the few weeks they have been with us we have already seen growth for us as FriArts.


Please pray:

  • That we will find an accountant to help establish non-profit status for the Friday Arts Project soon.

  • For our personal financial support. We still have a monthly amount to raise and are taking steps to fill it. Pray for favor and many new supporters as we’d like to see this alleviated.

  • For our car—since we are a one-car family, a 12 year-old car with over 200K miles is becoming a bit more unreliable. Pray that God may provide a new car for us soon.
  • For our spiritual health—that our marriage and relationship with God would continue to grow.



  • Introducing: Lord Peter Wimsey and Miss Marple…the latest additions to our household.










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