August 2016 | Prepped for Surgery

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“You have ‘screwball’ appendicitis.”

Kirk at the Piedmont Hospital – prepped for surgery


…was what my doctor told us when we had returned from the CT Scan. “Is that a medical term, doctor?” Kirk asked. “No,” he replied, “that’s my term.” The appendicitis would not have been confirmed were it not for the scan because Kirk had not been exhibiting all the physical signs. His doctor had said he has a high pain threshold, so what normally would have debilitated the average person was merely discomfort for Kirk (he was also told this during his eye glaucoma issues). So, we’re grateful for technology, and that Kirk could walk under his own strength into the hospital for the surgery that night.

After the surgery, the surgeon told Kirk that his appendix was the longest she had ever seen—holding her fingers out about 12 inches apart as if she were telling a “fish story”—“It was as long as a snake!” she exclaimed. Nothing about the whole experience seemed normal.

The whole process went smoothly and Kirk never needed more than a couple of Ibuprofen for some discomfort.

We’re grateful to God for His hand being present through it all, from the scan, to the surgeon, to the way he made Kirk.

Now we await the bills. In all, the costs will be in the “ballpark” of $7-8,000—that is, what we have to pay. The rest has been covered by insurance. Kirk told Sarah and our friend Stephen (who we’re thankful was present through it all) that this was the second major surgery in the 3 years he’s lived in Rock Hill. “Yeah,” Stephen replied, “but at least it was for stuff that wasn’t preventable.” True. Yet, another thing for which we are grateful to our creator.

If you find that you could assist with helping us cover the $7-8000 for the surgery we would be extremely grateful. Just add the amount to your next gift or use one of the “3 Ways to Give”.

Grateful for your partnership –





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