TOP: Sarah and I with Manhattan skyline in back
BOTTOM: The Arts Project in Times Square

I know it’s been a bit of a delay on recent blogs from us but we kinda got sucked into immediate life where it was difficult to find a moment for an update. But now we have a moment, and we wanted to tell you about the end of project in NYC.

Some pics of the students working on their art (It got a little messy at times)

We really had a great finish to the arts project in NYC, it was a refreshing time for both Sarah and I. The students were able to finish their collaborative art pieces in time for the show on July 6th. We had a substantial turn out to see the art and hear about the project and Here’s Life Inner City and their work on behalf of the poor. The people that came to the show were mostly from the Long Island City neighborhood where we conducted the project. This turned out to be an advantage because we felt like we were serving the local neighborhood rather than feeling like we had to invite the entire city.

More pics of the students working hard on beautiful things

There are a couple of highlights that stand out: one, is that Sarah and I were able to have a great discussion with a gentleman who worked right next door to the warehouse. He seemed to appreciate the spirit of the art show, it represented a place for people to reflect and discuss meaningful issues. He also liked that we did the show in partnership with an organization that sought to meet the needs of the poor. We agreed (it was great to talk with you Harlan – please keep in touch!). The other story we really liked was about two older ladies who came to the show. During the previous week, they had been approached by a couple of our students and had gone through the Soularium survey cards. (Whenever the students went through a survey with someone, they invited the “surveyees” to the show.) Both these ladies came as a result of this interaction. One commented to our friend Leigh Ann that they really enjoyed the survey, saying that they were able to have a meaningful discussion about spiritual things without it being pushy. I find that to be a huge compliment.

Sarah working on a painting (she collaborated with fellow staff, Kristie Koll) and the finished piece

Students interacting with some of the art show attendees

Sarah with one of the students, Ziad and his finished works

We are posting some pics of the art work and show as well as a few from the entire time on project. We really are grateful to you all for your prayers and support­ – you helped make the time a great success!

Sarah and I after the project banquet in downtown Manhattan – that’s Freedom Tower under construction making it’s slow reach to the sky behind Sarah. When completed it will be 1776 feet tall.

We are currently in Colorado at the staff conference for Campus Crusade for Christ. We’ll be posting more updates about our trip here and other thoughts. Stay in touch!

Kirk and Sarah