Interesting stats for Big Break 2010 (February 27-April 3)
Total number of Big Break attendees: 3086
Total Meals packed for Haiti: 1,009,368
Total times Christ was shared on the beach: 10725
Total number of people who trusted Christ: 1673

1 Million Meals
Check out a news cast about Big Break 2010:
1 Millions Meals: Big Break Report

the Conference Starts!
To get a sense of the energy of the students who attended Big Break 2010, here’s a video taken by one of them during the ‘countdown’ they watched before meetings:

Video Promotion
For a change of pace this year, we had a contest to see what students could come up with to promote Big Break. The videos were judged in two waves. First by the popular student vote. Then, the top 50% of those were judged by 3 staff who are integrally connected to the conference (Shelby—the emcee, Ben—speaker and trainer for beach evangelism, and Hersh—speaker.)

Here’s the winning video from the University of Iowa:

Here’s the runner-up from West Virginia University:

I think these are both really well done! What a difficult choice. If you’re curious about the other entries, go to: big break video