We won a design award!

Kirk and I actually blogged about this in May, but now it’s official because it appears on the awards website and I’ve just received a printed copy of the annual. I say ‘we’ because there was a team of design students I worked with last summer as we prepared for the US Campus Crusade for Christ Staff Conference. We had a great time ‘brain-storming’ ideas for what ultimately became the program (comprised of the schedule, bios of speakers, maps, etc.) The award is from Graphic Design USA annual awards competition for Inhouse design. There are 400 winning pieces featured in their Inhouse Design Annual, from a competition that drew over 4,000 entries.

You can see our piece on their website: gdusa.com
BTW, one of the designers who was with us last summer is joining us for an internship this year. Her name is Erin. Here’s a pic of her working in our temporary office last summer.
Erin working diligently.

This year is going to be pretty exciting. We have an influx of creatives joining us. Our office is expanding from 2 designers + 1 videographer to 6 designers + 2 videographers + 1 production manager + 1 part-time production manager. Whew! We have plenty of work to get done, so I look forward to what we can accomplish with God’s help and inspiration.
Sarah & Kirk