Considering the holiday I (Kirk) wondered what kind of fine art existed that was made in the spirit of Thanksgiving. In America the holiday is about 150 years old, but the kind of celebration it is based on, “fall harvest” has been around much longer. So I “Googled” it and found a couple of websites that I thought I’d share with you. Most of the links I surfed were related to education for kids, but even there I found some gems. I liked all the pieces listed in the “Glencoe” site. As I looked at them all I felt a sense of connecting with the history of the holiday in America. Enjoy:
Of course in America the artist that comes to mind is Norman Rockwell, and you will see a lot of his work at these sites. Sarah and I last year while in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC saw a retrospective of his work from the collections of filmmakers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. It was a surprising little discovery in a beautiful Museum, one we frequent when we are in town. Summaries of that show are here:
Sarah and I both hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace from Bird & Key,

Kirk & Sarah