I’ve really come to enjoy reading the theology of Herman Bavinck (more on him click here). I came across this passage in my reading as I prepare for teaching college students this summer about the importance of the arts to the mission of God.

In no way should the Christian faith be represented as otherworldly or anti-creation. Rather, grace and nature are united in the Christian faith, and general revelation links the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of earth – it joins creation and redemption together in one great eschatological cantata of praise. Grace restores nature, a religious life is woven into the very fabric of ordinary human experience. Finally, God is one and the same loving God in creation and redemption; grace restores nature.

This comes from his Reformed Dogmatics, volume I, Prolegomena. His entire dogmatics have recently been published by Baker Academic. I commend all four volumes to you. I only say that to you all because my wife also has come to like Bavinck. In a recent paper I did quoting him often she said, “I really like this Bavinck guy!”. And we all know her opinion is much more important than mine could ever be.

Kirk and Sarah