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Mar 15, 2023 | NEWS 2023, NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE | 0 comments

Kirk meeting with Daniel in a local coffee shop.

Our motivation behind what we do orbits around two things, representing the Church—representing Christ—to the art world and representing the art world to the Church.

One of the ways of representing the art world to the Church is by assisting our brothers and sister with their thinking, language, and actions toward those in the art world. How should a Christian approach art, even the most offensive? What are questions that we as Christians can ask the art world to inspire deeper conversation that leads to consideration of the Gospel? How am I representing Christ when I go to an art exhibit or event? These and other questions are what we ask to invite the Church into deeper engagement with the art world which holds quite a large influence over the general culture.

I’ve recently begun meeting with a gentleman who is on the path of ordination with the Anglican Church (Anglican Church in North America) focusing on ministering in the arts. Daniel started attending our weekly discussion group (and other events) over a year ago, even helping us choose content and facilitate discussion. Recently, he and his priest, Bill approached me about helping Daniel with some of the necessary steps in order to be ordained in the Anglican Church. Since he is a writer and pursuing ministry he wants his ministry to be in the arts.

I was humbled to be asked and agreed to begin meeting with him. He and I meet every two weeks and discuss content either from a book list I have constructed over the years of my ministry or an article about arts and culture. We only started recently and are still trying to get used to a consistent rhythm, but it is our hope that in a year he’ll be far enough along for his next stage in ordination.

I am reminded of a statement that the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, Bill Bright would say from time to time: “I would much rather share the ministry of the Holy Spirit to a believer than the Gospel with an unbeliever.” Dr. Bright went on to say that a follower of Jesus who truly follows Him will have a much bigger impact on many non-believers than Dr. Bright could on just one non-believer. Perhaps that will happen with Daniel? I pray so. Will you pray with us and for him and I as we continue to meet?





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