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MC and Sarah in front of their artwork displayed during the Art Party event in November 2016.

Two of our three ministry action plans for what we do are Cultivate Community and Build Into The Lives Of Artists. We know that in these two acts people have an opportunity to see their true humanity and experience the source of that humanity in Jesus the Christ. MC is one of the artists in our community. We met her through one of our drawing nite events and she has become a fixture of Friday Arts Project activities ever since. She and Sarah shared space last Fall to showcase their art for the Art Party event we held in downtown Rock Hill. MC and her husband Rick—a jazz musician—live just outside of Rock Hill where she does her art and takes care of their horse. Here she shares a little about how becoming involved in Friday Arts Project has affected her art and her faith:

“My art has progressed tremendously since being a regular participant in the drawing nights and other group events and get-togethers. The feedback, encouragement, plus the opportunity to draw and paint a variety of subjects from LIFE—as opposed to being a hermit in my studio. The faith aspect has been welcoming…so many of my artist friends have been either non-religious or fall toward a somewhat pagan outlook on life and the cosmos! My own wanderings have been all over the place. Not much of a religious upbringing, but was exposed to various denominations via my childhood friends and my Mother’s occasional bouts of church-going. My personal spiritual journey began with reading “That Hideous Strength” in college (picked it up more for the sci-fi than the philosophy) and then going on to read everything C.S. Lewis wrote…plus MacDonald, Chesterton, and Tolkien. Finding fellow artists that have similar ethics and theological views has given me a sense of being where I need to be—and with the people I need to be with—to strengthen both my art and my faith.”

It is through community that MC has flourished in her art and faith, and we are privileged to have been a part of that community and growth. Thanks for helping us be in this community!


We will be in Texas (Dallas to Houston area) from late May ~30th to early June ~7th—those dates may be flexed. We would love to see you while in town. Please feel free to contact us about connecting.





Please Pray

For our personal financial support. Pray for favor and many new supporters.

Pray that God may provide a new car for us this Fall as our current one is showing its age.

For our spiritual health—that our marriage and relationship with God will continue to grow.
We will be putting our condo in Florida on the market this May. Pray for wisdom for us and favor from God regarding its sale. We want to sell it quickly.

Kirk will be put forward in our church’s presbytery to be ordained as an “evangelist”. This will be a great relational builder for our local churches. Pray for favor as he tackles the necessary tests to get the approval.

In order to increase her ability to minister to artists Sarah is trying to increase her art production—painting. Pray for the new body of work that she is in the midst of planning.



 Sometimes we’d like to share about the people that we are journeying with in a not so public place—that’s why we’ve moved our Bird and Key news to this password-protected space. Please feel free to browse through some of our past newsletters and the new content we will be adding.