March – April 2012 | Forum on Beauty

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Forum on Beauty | Welcome

I was so glad I came.”
—Mary Johnson


Beneath The Surface

A Forum on Beauty

One of the things we want to make sure we do while raising our funds is to continue some form of ministry. When people hear not only what we want to do but also see it, it simply adds to our ability to garner friends and broaden our impact…and ultimately God’s. We did just that in late January when we partnered with Friday Arts Project* in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Art has a way of creating space. Whether you look at a sculpture, a painting, read a poem—whatever—you gain space to think more deeply about life. And this space creates an opportunity for God to work.

Creativity creates space. From January 27th to the 29th we participated, with 40-50 other individuals from the region in a “Forum on Beauty”. We created a space to discuss the breadth and depth of Beauty—its importance, its source, and its various expressions. Friday night was a public concert night where we heard from the band Elonzo, and the singer songwriter, Jeremy Cassell. All day Saturday we took in presentations and performances from an assortment of artists and critics including a talk by Kirk. And finally on Sunday, a group of us visited the newly constructed Modern Art Museum, the Bechtler in downtown Charlotte, NC to take in and talk about the art we saw.

Mary Johnson, who was with us for the weekend event, said this:

“I have to say again… what a fine weekend discussing beauty and the arts with such a stellar group of participants and contributors!  Wow. Luke Allsbrook, Casey Mink and Joseph Henderson’s talents were considerable and inspiring. You [Stephen Crotts] and Kirk, Sarah, and The Friday Arts Group did an amazing job of gifting all of us who came with an opportunity to be stretched and challenged in our own efforts to bring beauty, truth and goodness through our art to a broken world. I was so glad I came.”

Thanks for your prayers & support in helping us create space for God to work,

Sarah Kennedy Irwin

Kirk Irwin

* For more information about Friday Arts Project, visit their Facebook page:


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