I looked at the date of our last blog post and realized I hadn’t done anything in 4 months. That is waaaaaaay too long.

Seminary is a bit to blame for that as I had four papers to do for my four classes. that isn’t all that big a deal for a Master’s level program EXCEPT that the topics of the papers were all ones related to the arts, and of very high interest for me. I finished them, some better than others, but I am satisfied to know I will be returning to those same topics again in the course of my career.

This summer Sarah and I will be on the road for two months, spending three weeks in NYC, 10 days in Colorado, and a week of vacation in the Outer Banks with family. Squeezed in between will be travel and seeing family and friends – some we haven’t seen in quite a long time. (If you are interested in helping out with the ministry expenses of the summer – which we would be most grateful – go to https://give.ccci.org/give/View/0402593)

This summer marks the start of what we are trusting is our permanent return to NYC. It is our hope that we will be moving to (or very close to it!) The Big Apple by September 2012. The thought of getting back to the City excites me to no end. We are grateful for your continued prayers and support.

Kirk and Sarah