Oct 2022 | A new school year!

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The Fall is here, we barely blinked and October arrived. Temperature and tree color are two indicators of the season change but so is the arrival of college students to our local campus, Winthrop University.

As we have mentioned in previous communications, we use a good portion of the year to prepare for their arrival—making sketchbooks. The sketchbook is a great physical example of what we value as we connect with people about deeper things over the arts. It is something physical, allowing us to give students something tangible. And it is also an object usable for scribbling words or images of ideas, thoughts, feelings, pictures, etc. as the students think about the world they live in. Jesus Himself became physical, someone that could be heard, touched, and seen; and He also stirred ideas, thoughts, feelings—even images of deeper things—inviting everyone He encountered to consider the Truth about this world and who He is.

In late August we participated in the first day of Winthrop University’s Fall 2022 semester —Convocation. At every Convocation local organizations are invited to have tables showcasing their activities to expose students new and old to other things happening in Rock Hill—this was the first in-person Convocation for Winthrop U since Covid started in March 2020. Needless to say there was a lot of energy.

Two things stood out to us that day. One, was where our table ended up being placed. After we set up our materials and started meeting students and inviting them to sign up for activities we noticed something interesting about our location. On our left was a local church where some in our community attend, and on our right was a local theater group looking for participants in their productions. How ironic to see a visual example of what we try to do with our work for Friday Arts Project. We live in that zone between the “Arts and the Church”, and here we were next to pastors sitting at a table meeting students and inviting them to church. While on the other side, staff from the local community theater were inviting students to get involved in the art productions for our town. There’s a big divide between those two institutions but that is where we live.

The second thing that stood out was the wonderful energy of our two new student leaders, both named “Emily”. Both Emilys were excited to be there with us and though their interactions weren’t as “practiced” they both made up for it in genuineness and energy. They even walked around to the other tables before everything started to practice their “pitches” on behalf of Friday Arts Project. It was cute. It was refreshing, and we both were encouraged. Pray for our “Emilys”, that they too would live confidently in that space between the Arts and the Church.

If you want to see more of their leadership in action and you are on Instagram, every Wednesday the Emilys highlight student activities for Friday Arts Project at Winthrop University—just search for Friday Arts Project on Instagram.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

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