Hey all,

Just a quick update about last nights event at Space 157 in downtown Rock Hill, SC. Friday Arts Project invited their friends and acquaintances to their studio space for a lecture and discussion on the topic of “Beauty” (with a capital “B”). I (Kirk) lectured for a time and then we had an open discussion. My three points on Beauty were: What is Beauty? Where does Beauty come from? And why is Beauty important? About 40-50 people showed up and our time of interaction was quite vigorous – there was genuine inquiry with responses from one another’s thoughts on the topic of Beauty. I hope discussion continues among the attendees.

Our previous post, “The Place of Beauty”, is the first of a series I am doing that is the source of a lot of my lecture last night. I would love to hear responses.

Thanks to Friday Arts Project and all the peeps at Rock Hill…thanks for the opportunity. Shout out to IAM for highlighting us on their FaceBook page and Blog.

The lecture and discussion were recorded, and when we have them ready we will post them. We are so grateful for your interest in BirdandKey.

Kirk and Sarah