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A selection of sketchbooks given to students this year. (Sarah created the cover on the right)

On one of my recent appointments with a fellow Cru staff—Chris, I found him hard at work cutting covers off books—a typical activity around this time of year. Now before you reel let me tell you the whole story of this annual occurrence.

For many years now we have made sketchbooks to give away to Winthrop University students—the local college campus here. The process starts by sourcing the right type of hardback books—ones that are being thrown out or discarded—many times, they are old textbooks. Then, removing the covers and cutting them down to size for a small sketchbook—about 4 by 6 inches. After that, we decorate the covers. This decoration can be anything from old wallpaper to magazine pictures to baubles, glued or sewn on. Sarah is particularly good at doing amazing covers that end up being coveted by even the other staff and volunteers creating our sketchbooks. Donated paper is then cut down and bound by hand between the finished hard covers. Throughout the entire academic year these books are dispensed at tables we set up or through social media posts where students are encouraged to look for the deposited sketchbooks “hidden” around campus. We have garnered a reputation for this activity where students look forward to seeing what we place out for the finding.

Inside each of the books we place info about Friday Arts Project in an effort to connect with students. This has not always been the easiest method of connecting but as I said above it has helped Friday Arts Project build a good reputation on campus.

Connecting with students in the last few years has been especially tough for us and our staff on campus—Chris and Brandi Fox. It seems there is a repercussion post Pandemic that is having a long term effect on the souls of students. It’s almost like there is a light “hum” of fear mixed with apathy—not all students but many.

This year Chris and Brandi have chosen to focus more on building relationships, than in doing/hosting events. Would you pray for them, and us, as we trust God by His Spirit to break through and enliven a community of students around Friday Arts Project at Winthrop. And by enliven I mean transform. Afterall, our God is into resurrection.

Also pray for the making of the sketchbooks. We make them over several months and invite volunteers to assist. This has been a great way for us to invite local churches to participate. Each year we try to increase the amount if we can. We usually end up in the range of 200 sketchbooks by August.





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>>Pray the prayer with us that we try to pray before every event, "Jesus, help us be a part of someone's next step toward you."

>>Pray for wisdom for us as we navigate new "chapters" in our lives. With the passing of close friends and family, to the closing of our church, to growth in our community it is our desire to honor God in all we face.

>>Please pray that God would continue to provide for our financial support in the recent loss of the monthly support of our church. We dearly love this worthwhile ministry. If you know somone who would appreciate what we do please share our info with them.

>Please pray that we would have 40-50 people attend our upcoming forum. If you're in the area, please join us! More Information is available here: Birdsong Like a Canopy



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