I have of late been trying to be more consistent with a reflection and writing time in the mornings. I start with a theological book – at the moment Malcolm Guite’s “Faith, Hope and Poetry”. Then maybe some poetry – Wendell Berry’s “Collected Poems” – a friend recently observed that I had Berry’s book in my bag when I met him seven years ago – that might be true. Finally, I turn to the Bible after getting my mind charged up with others work. After my readings, I write for a short time whatever comes to my mind. In the scripture, I am currently reading through Ezekiel. In chapter 33, Ezekiel is charged by God to be a watchman. In that spirit, I thought I might share a few passages I read that challenged and inspired me.

This passage is from a Wendell Berry poem, Another Descent, that is so appropriate for this time of year as the cold recedes and March initiates thoughts of Spring:


Wendell Berry

But now

as March warms, and the rivulets

run like birdsong on the slopes,

and the branches of light sing in the hills,

slowly we return to earth.


There is a warmth to this stanza that is not only reflected in the subject and words Berry uses but most especially in the imagery. May you all, particularly our snowbound friends in the north, warm yourselves upon Berry’s poetic fire!

The other passage I want to share came from a Henry Vaughan poem called Friends Departed, that I found in Malcolm Guite’s book I mentioned above. I will end with it and hope you also find some warmth in its imagery.


Henry Vaughan

O Father of eternal life, and all

Created glories under thee!

Resume thy spirit from this world of thrall

into true liberty.

Either disperse these mists, which blot and fill

My perspective still as they pass,

Or else remove me hence unto that hill,

Where I shall need no glass.



Kirk & Sarah