Hey all,

Usually when Sarah puts her hand and mind on a design she has some idea of how that design may be used…but not always. It’s exciting to see what you’ve designed go from sketches on a page to a final physical item, something you can hold in your hand.

This past February Sarah did some designs for Campus Crusade for Christ’s National Leadership Conference for the Campus Ministry. The theme was “Passage”. For the design Sarah used the concept of a tree whose leaves “pass” from being leaves to butterflies. The pics above show some of the materials designed for the conference, as well as how it was used on the stage of the conference.

What’s even more exciting is seeing the visuals come to life through animation. The video below shows how Sarah’s design was given a different level of creativity by 2 of her teammates-Rob Jorgensen and Rafal Zielinski. It is also an interesting summary of this year in ministry.

Kirk and Sarah