The making of a Christmas Card











A few years ago Sarah’s friend, Audrey, purchased a small early 20th century hand letterpress that until recently was in storage. Since we live in a community of artists, someone is always interested in finding new ways to create unique pieces of art – artifacts that are pleasing to the eye.

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Spring into Summer update…




Hello Friends and Family,

We just wanted to give you a quick update of what has been happening with us the last few months. This June marks 9 months we have lived in The Perch – our house. There has been a lot of work – both inside and out –  happening on it as we have enjoyed living here. This past April we designed, implemented and planted the first stage of our backyard gardens – an herb parterre. We ended up putting in some tomato and pepper plants as well  since we don’t have our vegetable garden started. Everything is thriving. After putting the parterre in we realized we wanted to get some water and electric lines run before we put in any more permanent aspects. Once the lines are completed, we will put down the pea gravel on the pathways.

We see this home as a blessing and want to share it with others in our life and work here in Rock Hill. So we see the design and construction of our backyard as just as important as anything we do inside. Artists – and any human being – love beauty in all its forms, and gardens are a huge part of that. We are trying to build a small reflection of the “Garden City” that awaits.

We continue to operate our habitual Friday Arts Project events – weekly discussion, drawing nite, etc. – and also plan larger ones. We have an art show in development of a body of work coming from our “drawing nite”; we are also planning a lecture series and our Fall November event with the local Historic “White Home” here in Rock Hill.

But before that we need to finish our summer which for us means traveling out to Colorado for our Biannual conference – most of July we will be on the road.

Thanks for your prayers and support – come see us and The Perch.

Kirk & Sarah

Kirk’s eye


“…it’s not everyone God can trust with trouble…”

…words a friend sent to me days after my eye surgery. He had just shared some of his own recent health obstacles with me via our internet chat and we both were thankful that God was present even in adversity. I recalled Job’s words to his wife who attempted to persuade him to curse God and give up – Job replied, “Shall we receive good from God, and shall we not receive evil?”

Up until early Saturday morning, I still had my own left eye. It hadn’t worked all that well since I was a kid, but still looked normal except for the last couple of years.

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