July 2015 | The Sourwood Writers and Poems from the Perch

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Poems from the Perch postcards

Kirk and several other local poets started a meeting together as a way to grow as poets and also have opportunities to share a bit of written beauty.

As you know, we believe when people grow as artists and share that art, people will see their true humanity as rooted in God. Jesus not only taught in story to get people’s attention and get them to think, but he was also engaging a deeper level of their humanity—a mysterious level—through the art.

Recently, the poet’s group decided to take on a name—The Sourwood Writers. Sourwood trees are predominant in the Piedmont area of the south and is the source of a much sought after honey. We liked the name since it represents the Piedmont South—where we live—and that we want to attract people to the sweetness of the ideas and words in our poems, like honey.

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In April we held a public reading with the four main poets of our group, and also had an open mic time for other poets. At the local Irish Pub, McHale’s, we had close to 50 people attend with the entire open mic time filled to capacity. Kirk had a chance to read some of his own poetry that was well received.

One of our Friday Arts Project leaders recently asked one of the other poets what they thought of the group—is it legit? She responded by saying “It was a Godsend”. What a great thing to have said of something you put your hand to. We hope all we do that builds into the lives of people is viewed as a “Godsend”, because in a way, God did send us.

Thanks for your prayers and support, you are helping us create these moments and events that act as a “Godsend” in the lives of people.


Please pray:

  • We are days from our work-related travel this summer. Please pray for safety, provision and our 22 year old cat 🙂.

  • For the leadership of Friday Arts Project, we just voted in a board of directors as our next step to non-profit status.

  • For our physical health—Kirk is still dealing with kidney stones. Test results show that the stones are calcium related, the doctor has advised him to increase his water intake.

  • For our spiritual health—that our marriage and relationship with God would continue to grow.








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