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I noticed it has been months since my last post, therefore I extend my apologies. I have several ideas in the works and will be posting them in the near future. In the meantime, I thought I would share a post from a colleague and friend. Mako Fujimura is someone whom I have tremendous love and respect for and count him a very important friend in my life. His recent essay for the BioLogos Forum is one of he best pieces I have read from him yet…and he has written  a bunch of great stuff.

Make note of where he argues art falls in the warp and woof of human life and thought—and in this case in science. This is why I persuade people to include the act of creativity—art—in their everyday lives. This is why art is of inestimable importance to the world, the Church, and God’s desire for this world right now in this moment in history. Art is not more important than anything else, but it just might be more important right now in history.

Click here for Mako’s essay.

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If you were not aware of this before we’d like to let you know that we have a Facebook page.

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I post quite often onto that site because it is a primary way I keep in touch with friends. Much of the stuff I post there is art related or where the art and the sacred cross or simply fun stuff from a moment in our daily lives. We’d love to have you subscribe to that site. We are so grateful for your interest in what God is doing through the Beautiful.


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